Become an Approved Loan Officer

US Lending & Company, Inc. offers our mortgage professionals a full service mortgage lender to meet all their brokering needs. Our Mortgage Professionals are able to maximize their productivity as US Lending & Company is approved with a wide array of banks and has a straightforward, hassle-free Mortgage Center.

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   How US Lending & Company Works   

We pride ourselves on keeping the loan brokering process as simple as can be. The following illustrates a simplified outline of how we operate.

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In-House Processing

More and more loans are being scrutinized for negligence and loan fraud in this frenzied market. Not only are closed loans being audited for loan fraud and negligence, but denied loans are too! Protect yourself from liability with US Lending’s In-House Loan Processing.

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Marketing Material & Support 

At US Lending & Company, we believe that our agents should be in business for themselves but never by themselves. We understand that providing marketing materials to strengthen each individual agents brand and business and navigate through compliance is paramount to their success.

 This is why we offer a plentiful selection of marketing materials to our independent agents, including but not limited to: 

·        In-house Marketing and Creative Director

·        Detailed lender lists with comp plans

·        Credit Reports 

·        Calyx Point Software 

·        Flyers and Marketing Material 

·        Email Addresses 

·        Business Cards 

·        DU and LP Access


The Mortgage Center

US Lending’s Mortgage Center is the one-stop central for your mortgage brokering needs. The Mortgage Center’s Lenders Lists, online forms and other helpful tools are designed with you, the mortgage originator, in mind. To gain access to our Mortgage Center, apply now.